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New to bowls?

Fed up with lockdown and fancy a little gentle exercise?

Now we are on the verge of the new outdoor season we have, of course, put plans in place to ensure that we are fully ready to open. The green and its surrounds, and our superb clubhouse have seldom looked better, with the green in particular having apparently enjoyed it's enforced holiday! 

The green is opening on Saturday 10th April, and a warm welcome will be extended from then on; to beginners who wish to try our sport and to those with more experience who wish to join one of the best clubs in Hertfordshire. If you are new to the sport, we have two county qualified trainers, who will be happy to show you the ropes.   All that will be required is that you wear a pair of flat shoes - we will provide everything else!

Although covid restrictions are beginning to relax, we will, of course, be respecting all prevailing guidance. 


Now is the time to indicate your interest.  If you have spent much of the last year doing less exercise than you might have wished or simply fancy giving this sport a try, you can email us at to arrange a visit or request further information by phoning 01727 852361.